Slow Light – Light Project Wachau

The church in Emmersdorf – staged using the lighting concept planned by Sigrun Appelt. © Sigrun Appelt
The church in St. Lorenz radiates in the light concept of Sigrun Appelt. © Sigrun Appelt

Under the motto "Less energy, more quality", 15 "light points" in the Wachau have been staged with an aesthetic and at the same time resource-conserving use of light. Unconventional places, such as Emmersdorf cemetery, are also being made "visible" as part of this project.

The concept was created by Sigrun Appelt, an artist from Vorarlberg, who was commissioned with the agreement of Art in the public space. One focal point covered the staging of sacred buildings (including the parish churches in Emmersdorf, Hofarnsdorf and St. Lorenz). Energy savings of up to 90% were achieved here compared to the previous lighting systems. Other lighting concepts developed included the bridge in Mautern, trail lighting in Oberranna, the Spitzer Lände and the viaduct in Emmersdorf, the latter with the active participation of local residents.

To accompany the illumination projects, a light symposium was held at Melk Abbey and an exhibition in the Spitz photo gallery. The Wachau Light Project was documented in a film and a catalogue was published jointly with the artist (Langsames Licht / Slow Light in der Wachau. Verlag Kettler). Both the project and the artist were awarded with prizes.

Implemented within the scope of Wachau 2010plus.