Publications within the scope of Wachau 2010plus

The range of printed materials within the scope of Wachau 2010plus © Elisa Besenbäck

Several publications were produced within the scope of Wachau 2010plus. Some of the publications are about independent projects, others are about project-supporting activities, such as catalogues or educational material.

Anthologies "Welterbesteig", "Donauweiber" and "Weinwandern" ("World Heritage Trail", "Danube Women" and "Wine Hiking") – For these three books, authors including Urs Mannhart, Mieze Medusa, Julian Schutting, Christoph Simon, Anna Weidenholzer and Magda Woitzuck were invited to deal with different aspects of the Wachau in the form of short stories.

Two publications were produced in relation to the installation of the Friedenskreuz St. Lorenz peace cross. The book "Mahnmal Friedenskreuz St. Lorenz" (Peace Cross Memorial) looks at the scientific and historic backgrounds and offers general thoughts on the topic. A manual offers educational points of approach and teaching material for dealing with the topic in schools.

"Draußen in der Wachau" (Outside in the Wachau) – This series, which now includes four volumes, was also initiated by Wachau 2010plus. It is a "slightly different kind of literary travel guide" with contributions by notable authors from the German-speaking countries.

"Wachauer Kirchen erzählen" (Wachau churches tell their story) – this book, which appeared in 2015 as part of "Churches on the river", contains a literary discourse on the religious history of the Wachau. It is based on discussions that the authors had with people who have a special relationship with the churches in the Wachau.

Slow Light – the comprehensive project, which placed the Wachau in the right light, was documented in a catalogue published jointly with the artist Sigrun Appelt, in which the various aspects of Slow Light are also examined in more detail.

Final brochure of the Wachau 2010plus programme – this brochure provides an overview of the wealth of measures and projects that arose within the scope of Wachau 2010plus. Interested parties are welcome to request a copy through our office in Spitz.