LIFE project WACHAU – lively Danube, dry grasslands, natural forest

Revitalised flat and steep banks at Grimsing © Hannes Seehofer

The Wachau project is the first LIFE project implemented in the region whose goal was to conserve the region’s most endangered habitats. This resulted in three focal points: Lively Danube, dry grasslands and natural forest.

In the course of the LIFE project, targeted measures and projects aimed at conserving the endangered habitats and their fauna and flora were carried out:

  • Structuring of the main stream of the Danube through gravel banks
  • Connection of old course remains to the Danube
  • Dry grassland management
  • Conservation and improvement of near-natural woodland
  • Construction of a conservation coordination office in the Wachau


Project promoter: Arbeitskreis Wachau Regionalentwicklung (today Welterbegemeinden Wachau association) with the participation of the province of Lower Austria, the Lower Austrian Provincial Fishing Association and the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism (BMLFUW)
Project duration: 2003 - 2008
Project costs: €5,200,000 (50% EU)

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