Asylum and integration coordination

refugee children © Despositphotos

Almost all municipalities in the LEADER region have taken in people who have fled from war and persecution in recent months. At the same time, committed citizens everywhere are taking care of these people on a voluntary basis – both during the asylum procedure and after they become recognised refugees. This work is challenging and takes up a lot of time. Providing these committed citizens with intensive support can give them the knowledge they need to increase the efficiency of their work through networking or to assist them in times of crisis.

The association Impulse Krems, which has many years of experience in integration work, is therefore implementing a project on the initiative of the Wachau-Dunkelsteinerwald region and in close cooperation with the municipality of Krems with the following objectives:

  • Providing the volunteers with support and professional assistance.
  • Organising and holding language courses.
  • Coordinating all activities to do with the topic, the information hub and networking.

The team of Impulse Krems takes care of all 17 municipalities in the LEADER region from its base in Krems. Manuela Leoni coordinates the activities, Florentina Haziraj mostly works in Krems itself. The contact person for the other municipalities is Peter Boden. The first phase of the project runs until the end of February 2018.

Discussed in the project selection committee: 26.11.2015
Project promoter: Verein Impulse Krems
Funding level: 80%
Project duration: 2 years
Supported by the federal government, the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).