Krems-Stein Shipping and World Heritage Centre

The open-air Wachau exhibition is part of the World Heritage Centre. © Anna Lun
The World Heritage Centre is a point of contact for visitors at the gateway to the Wachau © Anna Lun

The Krems-Stein Shipping Centre has created a place that houses the World Heritage Centre as well as the entire logistics for scheduled and charter shipping in Krems, with a dining offer to match. The multifunctional venue is a central point of contact for visitors at the gateway to the Wachau.

Based on a feasibility study carried out in 2004 into the construction of a visitor centre for the Wachau World Heritage Site, Krems-Stein was identified as a possible location for the World Heritage Centre. The planning was undertaken on the back of an architecture competition in 2008 and finally implemented in the course of Wachau 2010.

The Shipping Centre houses ticket counters, a guest information desk, a shop, a restaurant that has been doing a brisk trade ever since it opened, and above all the World Heritage Centre. The facility also has an open-air Wachau exhibition implemented by the association "spaciously". Since 2011, travellers have also been able to find information about the region’s cultural assets on image boards reminiscent of vineyard rows and find out about features of the landscape or modern artistic positions in the region.