Wachau information boards and guidance system

The information boards should provide the most important information about the area to people unfamiliar with the place. © Anna Lun

Information boards were developed and installed for the towns in the Wachau municipalities on the basis of an information point study. In addition, a standardised guidance system was devised and implemented in the form of the Wachau guidance system.

The information boards are placed at central points and provide information about the town, its establishments and sights, the possibilities for using public transport, and highlight the nearest stages of the World Heritage Trail. In addition, a local wine tavern indicator was installed in many locations and the Best-of-Wachau establishments in the town were also presented.

The guidance system has attempted to control the proliferation of signposts by first guiding people to the relevant areas of the town and only then to the individual establishments. The standardised design of the signposts creates an organised, clear impression.

The project has a totally innovative and pioneering character anywhere in the region. Regular updates of the system are essential to ensure it fulfils its purpose. For this reason, the information boards were updated in 2018.