Aggsbach Dorf Charterhouse

The Pehn hammer mill is still operated with the power of water © Anna Lun
The redesigned meditation garden of the Aggsbach Dorf Charterhouse © Anna Lun

With the overall cultural tourism package based on the Aggsbach Charterhouse, the former place of activity of the Carthusians, Aggsbach Dorf, aims at positioning itself as a tourist destination on the south bank of the Danube. Existing sights will be integrated into an overall concept as a way to attract more visitors.

The offer includes a "secular" area that encompasses the Steinstadel Mineral Centre and the Pehn hammer mill. Since 2015, visitors to the hammer mill, which is still powered by water, have been provided with information by a light-based audio information system implemented by St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.

The "sacred" area encompasses the former Charterhouse with Carthusian Museum, the Sacred Mountain (path of the cross) and the newly created meditation garden. The garden’s design is based on the excavations for the former Carthusian cells. A lighting concept was developed for the new garden within the scope of "Slow Light Wachau".

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