Pilot run of the Wachau Advent

Advent draws people to the Wachau © Donau Niederösterreich/Klaus Engelmayer

UNESCO’s Wachau World Heritage Site clocks up about 490,000 overnight stays every year in the summer season. However, not only are the many offers in summer gaining in importance but so is the growth in activity in the off-peak tourist seasons. This is having an initial positive effect towards extending the season in the Wachau, which already runs beyond the end of October. Some establishments continue to be open at this time or have developed entirely into year-round enterprises. The pilot run of the “Wachau Advent” is intended to create a stimulus for staying longer in the region in addition to the existing attractions.

Building on the detailed implementation concept “Wachau Advent”, a customised tourist attraction format for the Wachau which deals with the topic of “Light” should be put in place around Advent. This should be implemented at three different locations within the region on several weekends in November and December.

In the first year (2017), this should be tested on the basis of a pilot project. This will be done in the form of lighting and illumination elements which are used at existing events such as Advent markets, wine tastings, concerts or lectures. Three locations will be staged with light installations and projections and should give the guest a special experience. In this way, visitors will be attuned to the subject of light and made aware of the following years. Furthermore, there should be increased collaboration with cultural establishments and excursion destinations, with concepts being created for new events and products. At establishment level, bookable packages to the events will also be developed.

In addition to existing attractions, the “Wachau Advent”, together with other events, offers a wide range of activities for tourists as well as the local population. For tourists, this should create a stimulus to stay in the region for longer and thus lead to an extension of the season and an increase in the number of overnight stays.

Discussed in the project selection committee: 24.07.2017
Project promoter: Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH
Funding level: 70%
Project duration: 7 months
Supported by the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).