Safeguarding Melk as a cultural location

The Melk Summer Games on the Wachau stage are well attended. © Welterbegemeinden Wachau

The ongoing operation of Kultur Melk GmbH as a cultural office for the Wachau World Heritage Site and the establishment of year-round accessibility and year-round operation have been ensured with funds of Wachau 2010plus.

Wachau Kultur Melk GmbH developed itself into an important strategic partner for Wachau 2010plus. The organiser of the Melk Summer Games and the International Baroque Days of Melk Abbey took on the organisation and implementation of many of the events conceived within the scope of Wachau 2010plus. A clear commitment to the Wachau is the renaming of the venue for the Summer Games as the Wachauarena. This permanent tent structure – a weatherproof open-air location – and the specially asphalted area were also financed with funds provided by Wachau 2010plus.

You can visit Wachau Kultur Melk GmbH here.