Accessible exercise park in Melk

Barrierefreie Sportanlage wird durch spezielle Bodenplatten realisiert. © Barzflex
Accessible sports facility realised through special ground slabs © Barzflex

Exercise and sport play an important role in maintaining life-long health, yet studies show a lack of exercise and sport in the Austrian population. The “Melk Exercise Park” is intended to help change this failing in Melk and the surrounding area in a completely accessible way.

SPORTUNION Melk together with JVP Melk created the project “Melk Exercise Park” to help the population of Melk improve their health and wellbeing and thus enjoy a better quality of life through a multifunctional outdoor sports facility that is open to the public.

The LEADER funding also makes it possible for people with an interest in sport – but with a physical disability (esp. wheelchair users) – to access the outdoor sports facility. Equipment such as wheelchair bars, low bar and height-adjustable rings can thus be used. Instead of using gravel or bark mulch, this requires the facility to be designed with safety mats with a smooth surface placed on top of slab foundations.

This pilot project shows that areas of everyday leisure activities should also focus on accessibility and take this topic into consideration when redesigning a sports facility.

Discussed in the project selection committee: 8.4.2019
Project promoter: Stadtgemeinde Melk
Funding level: 70 %
Project duration: 10.10.2019-31.12.2020
Supported by the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).