Implementation measures for visitor guidance in Dürnstein

Visitor guidance in Dürnstein old town © Welterbegemeinden Wachau
Visitor guidance in Dürnstein old town © Welterbegemeinden Wachau

"Overtourism" is a buzzword that is often used in connection with Dürnstein. The historic town centre is one of the best-known sights of the Wachau World Heritage Site. However, the old town is absolutely overrun at certain times. Various measures on every level should help to avoid conflicts and ease the current situation.

With the support of several specialists, Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH is working on a package of measures in 2019 to better control how guests are distributed throughout Dürnstein at different times of day. Specific measures for implementation should be realised on the basis of the preceding study.

For better guidance and to help visitors find their way around, a plan will be developed for distribution to day-trippers. In addition, a visitor guide should be prepared that highlights desirable and undesirable behaviour in the town in a lighthearted way and is included in the town map.
The sights away from the high street in Dürnstein will be made more attractive with audio guides. Furthermore, cultural tours should be developed that offer tours of Dürnstein that are tailored to different target groups. This should help equalise visitor flows and increase the time that people spend in the town.
In addition, workshops will be held by a consultancy firm with business owners in Dürnstein, both to improve the offer in Dürnstein and to boost value added.

Discussed in the project selection committee: 17.06.2019
Project promoter: Donau Niederösterreich Tourismus GmbH
Funding level: 70%
Project duration: 01.07.2019 - 31.03.2020
Supported by the federal province and the European Union (LEADER).